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Capturing the "spirit" of the D&C Days Conference

Taste The Change session with Pablo Suarez at the D&C Days conference at COP21 in Paris.

The full poem that captured day 1 of the DC Days Conference in Paris - written by Fleur Monassa, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre (RCRCCC). Find out more in 'Inspired ideas for presenting your conference outcomes'.

Development & Climate Days Conference, 2015

Day 1

The Development and Climate Days

Producing optimistic take-aways.


Through applied improvisation, co-creation,

short-turn taking, we will be shaking, we will be breaking.


Breaking all conventional silo-ed styles

Bringing forth our ideas on transformational trials

Robust strategies, applying new technologies

With innovated partnerships, networks and companies.


In search for the deep transitional solutions,

moving ahead, despite the Paris conclusions.


World Bank and ODI trying to make us see

How many people can fall straight back into poverty

By lack of a climate lens in development

Scrutinizing each obstacle and impediment.


With the poor on top of the ‘Shock Wave’

if like this we continue to behave.


Equity at the heart of each of our discussions

Calling upon the wealthy to ratchet down emissions

Our energy consumption is to go down.

But for the poorest, energy access is yet to be found.


We heard a strong plea, 

to not only use the apocalyptic argument,

Especially if we mean business on the African continent

Business as a dividend to humanity

Combining the wins with efforts of eradicating poverty.


A Declaration on coal we easily drafted

Although much more painful to get the answer crafted

To our hypothetical neighbour who lost his job in mining

Let our sympathy for those not be declining.


Calling for Deep deep deep decarbonisation

Deep transition, deep uncertainty and climate information.


In short, 

a day full of solution driven topics with compelling pitches

Addressing good practice and their challenging glitches

City learning labs and examples with a business lens

With games we saw more emotions than in all of the entire COP side events.


Lastly we learned that 

big white beards stimulate radical adaptation

And bring intriguing links with 

social protection and migration.


So - In search of poverty eradication

Options of decarbonisation

In search of in energy transition

And much higher levels of ambition

In search of the R-Factor appeal

All in all - in search to further catalyse a Paris deal.

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