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Inspired ideas for presenting your conference outcomes

- Amy Gibson

You’ve produced a successful event full of inspiring content, engaging speakers, interactive sessions and unique networking opportunities.

But, when it comes to presenting your outcomes you’ve used the same old written report and a few PowerPoint presentations. By which time your attendees have gone back to work and forgotten about you, and your non-attendees don’t know what they’ve missed.

Engaging your entire network after an event is a vital stage in the planning process that's often overlooked. It’s easy to go unnoticed so shout over the noise with visual, immersive and creative content that keeps them talking.

Using examples from the 13th Annual Development & Climate Days Conference at COP21 in Paris (2015) here are 3 inspired ideas for presenting your event outcomes:

1. Create visuals

Throughout this 2-day side-event of the historic UN climate talks in Paris, graphic reporter Jorge Martin (@jorgemartin) visually captured the outcomes of each discussion through live illustration.

Stationed at the back of the plenary space with a ream of paper and some marker pens, Jorge began to build a picture of the issues and themes of every session as it happened. Delegates watched the development of the mural live over the course of the weekend and can now refer to the digital version for a comprehensive and exciting round-up of the conference outcomes.

2. Do more with words

Equity at the heart of each of our discussions,

Calling upon the wealthy to ratchet down emissions,

Our energy consumption is to go down,

But for the poorest, energy access is yet to be found.

The "spirit" of the conference was captured with poems to round up the conclusions of each day. Each piece, written by the Senior Programme Manager for Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre Fleur Monasso, was read to the audience at the closing session of each day.

3. Tell your story

Amy Gibson Events at D&C Days Conference

IIED web content manager, Matthew Wright (@mattttjobob) curated social media shares by organisers and delegates using Storify – capturing people’s reactions and presenting them alongside text, images and videos to build a live and immersive timeline of the conference.

With the ability to scan up to 20 social media sites (including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and Twitter) Storify is a great tool for sharing your conference narrative with attendees and

non-attendees during and after the event.

Taste The Change Session by Pablo Suarez at D&C Days

The 13th Annual Development & Climate Days Conference was held on the last weekend of the COP21 UN Climate Summit in Paris - December, 2015. The event was jointly hosted by Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre (RCRCCC), International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), Overseas Development Institute (ODI), International Development Research Centre (IDRC), and Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN).

The 14th Annual D&C Days Conference will be held in Marrakesh alongside COP22 in November, 2016.

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